Samsung Galaxy S5 40% Lower Sales Than the Expectated

Samsung Galaxy S5 is Going Lower by 40% in Sales: Korean electronics giant has sold 12 million Galaxy S5 in the first three months after the official sale.

Samsung Galaxy S5 40% Lower Sales Than the ExpectatedHowever, this figure is less than about 4 million compared with its predecessor Galaxy S4 done last year. According to detailed data, sales of this machine in China has halved. United States is the only rising market sales of Galaxy S5. However, this is not the biggest market for Samsung.

In addition, Samsung spend too much on advertising budgets to cope with an accumulation of equipment in stock. In particular, it was reduced by 30% of the smartphone market will be launched in the near future.

Samsung is considering before making a number of changes in the executive department. Specifically, the mobile segment CEO JK Shin may have the right to run for CEO range of television and origin.

However, this is still just a rumor and no real proof. Any changes in management structure and potential risks, especially in the period of Samsung face many challenges today.

Chairman Lee Kun-hee, Samsung building became one of the most powerful electronic world of the group, was unable to continue running the company after hospitalization for heart attack. Jay Y. Lee to his son took over from his father and Samsung are struggling to keep the brand in the global market.



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