Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch With Activity Tracker

Samsung Gear Fit a Stylish Hybrid Of Smartwatch: One of the three new Samsung second generation smart watches, the Gear Fit priced $200 is a creative outlet and elegant original Galaxy Gear.
Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch With Activity TrackerIt’s just up to monitor activity as it is an elegant watch and has a remarkable new look slimmer, thinner and lighter at 0.8 ounces which even the relatively small Pebble clock (1.4 oz).

It is also well pretty. The bright color screen, slightly curved 1.84 -inch AMOLED pops against the black belt. You can change the background color, the design and the watch to suit your mood or your computer and you can buy additional interchangeable bracelets in orange, red, blue, green or gray too.

It is likely that this attention to aesthetics a nod to women who think of smart watches as bulky and ugly.

That said, the setting will not make as much as heavier more expensive smart watches ; you will not make calls or take photos with her.

But when connected to a compatible phone which makes notifications – a brief vibration alerts you to incoming e- mails, calls, texts and updates from a variety of third party applications.

The setting allows you to control the media on your Samsung phone. You can also reject incoming calls with a blow to the watch. Most importantly, however, are its characteristics monitors activity. The gear set has a built- in heart rate monitor, pedometer, accelerometer and gyroscope in which tracks of various types of exercise activities.

When Samsung announced their new smart watches Gear in February, the company also said it will not run on Android, like the original Galaxy Gear but Tizen, a mobile operating system that had a hand in developing.

The company said Tizen will bring “improvements in battery life on the first version and a large ecosystem of applications, thanks to the open SDK (software development kit) will be launching in March”.

We have a sample preview of Fit Gear in our hands. Let the battery life test lab and other features when we bought one.
Samsung Gear fitMeanwhile, here are our impressions.

Activity Monitoring

The Fit asserts that keeps track of walking, running, hiking and road biking, thanks to the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. Other basic training, like riding a stationary bike, spinning, strength training, yoga and swimming are not options, at least for now.

To test track, the first thing we did a quick walk through the atrium of our office. The function of the recording distance appeared to be accurate. And the pedometer function also appeared accurate when we did a brief check 200 steps. We noted that the clock does not restrict or circulation hand or wrist hindrance during exercise and stretching.

Your fitness information is loaded on the phone at regular intervals to be: transfer intervals/timing are 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours or 3 days. The adjustment can also show your progress without connecting to another device, that only a few other crawlers can do.

The Gear Fit also has a heart rate monitor infrared at the bottom of the clock. We had to keep still during the gear set to take a reading of the individual heart rate, and make sure the clock is set to the wrist – the under reported our heart rate when we showered loosely monitor setting.

Unfortunately, the Fit traps sweat when pressed which may lead to irritation.

Ease of use

Gear Configuration Fit was an easy matter. A fully charged once, quickly paired via NFC Samsung Galaxy S with 5 smartphone. It is also compatible with the S4 and S3, note 3, and many other Samsung phones and Samsung phones only, that is certainly a limitation.

When we went out of Bluetooth range, the connection is dropped, of course but the fit is surveillance, and reconnects by itself as soon as you are back in range. We will establish a simple user profile before starting to monitor activities.

True to its name, the Fit fits nicely on the wrist, thanks to, slightly curved rectangular screen. Found reading the screen a bit awkward at first, since it is perpendicular to the eyes to lift the wrist to view it. The touch screen is sensitive to knocks and taps, and the interface is nice and simple. The screen is most of the time.

It’s supposed to turn back on when you lift your arm to look at your wrist but that does not always work – often we had to use the power button to turn it on.

That said, the battery life seems pretty decent – the Fit just needed a new position every two or three days, even when we use a lot.


By paying attention to style, shape, price and ease of use, Samsung has made a major plus Gear Fit – stream use the smart watch we’ve seen so far, and focusing on the characteristics of the fitness, Fit Gear has a more obvious reason to exist than most smart watches also.

Fit The software is in its infancy, despite having plenty of room for growth. Applications that use full screen and accelerometer Gear Fit could make a clock monitor hybrid intelligent activity even better. We would like to see applications like Run Keeper, use the Fit Gear as a way to show the activity data, such as exercise time, lap time and distance and control functions such as pause and stop.

The role of heart rate – simple monitoring function for individual readings when set correctly. But inconsistencies in the accuracy of the heart rate of a fit loosely Gear Fit and previous infrared monitors we tested heart rate during active exercise raises concerns that might need infrared technology wrist heart rate monitor to improve.



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