Samsung Introduces Galaxy X: The First Smartphone With Flexible Screen

Samsung Introduces Galaxy XGalaxy X may be the new smartphone from Samsung with flexible screen in 2017. The Smartphone is to be used to bend the screen with a great 4K resolution. Samsung is expected to introduce Galaxy X: the first smartphone with Flexible screen.

According to Sammobile, the projects is called Samsung Valley Project, which is one of the top priorities in its research center. Equipment aforementioned property 4K screen, can be folded in half, allowing the user to easily handle when not in use.

Flexible screen is one of the widely advertised technology from Samsung in recent years. However, it only stops at the level of the template, not included in any actual product. In 2014, Samsung unveiled a surprise curved screen smartphone called the Galaxy Note edge. It is seen as a prerequisite for Flexible display technology appears on the market.

The handset with Flexible – if launched – could create new wind market – where the design and function of the high-end smartphone are already saturated. Users may have to wait to know the specs and the unique functions of Galaxy X.



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