SanDisk New USB Drive and MicroSDXC Supports 4K Videos

SanDisk presented two storage device performances at MWC 2016 includes a USB-C memory leads compact and SDXC cards with UHS-II standards.

sandisk USB Storage DrivesSanDisk USB-C drive which aims to launch the device users have changed to this new connection port 12 or Chromebooks MacBook and some Android smartphones on the market today.

While the new SDXC card to the read / write very high, to the 4k image recording devices.

The compact design of the SanDisk USB-C drive is beautiful. It is small enough to fit in the neck of the hand, why this device is so small because it has only USB-C only rather than the older USB standard, more flash memory chip technology allows manufacturers miniaturization without reducing capacity.

The 128GB version of the drive can be stored for a maximum speed of 150MBs, while the 16GB just for the speed of 130MBs only. MicroSDXC UHS-II standards 2nd SanDisk equipment new memory card. What this card has two versions 64GB and 128GB, promises speeds up to 275 MBs read and write speeds up to 100MBs.

With such speed, it promises to be the optimum storage device for video stream recorder 4k such as airplane remote control (UAVs) or smartphone capable of shooting 4K market.

The 64GB version SanDisk can store about 397 minutes of Full HD movies or 162 minutes with 4k. Compatible adapter included SanDisk USB 3.0 for users to tag your computer to copy the data.



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