Selena Gomez: Absolutely Gorgeous And Gorgeous

Selena Gomez received the Billboard Woman of the Year Award for her controversial piece, because “beside the noisy love and kidney transplant, what contribution do you give to music in 2017?”

For audiences, the most popular European and American star in 2017 must have been Selena Gomez. Beating up with close friends like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, Selena has kept her name in the spotlight when she did not have a prominent presence.

In the year 2017, there is no big music hit, no tour, no impressive performances at the big awards ceremony, the singer still maintains the frequency of appearing in the media and is the subject of the table. Public opinion on fashion themes, kidney transplants provoke public opinion, love affairs with The weekend, break up The weekend and reunite Justin Bieber.

And by the end of the year, she had gotten herself in the Billboard Women’s of the Year award in media condemnation. But a section of public opinion questioned: “Selena is worthy of this award?”.

Is Billboard honored with the most important at the award ceremony Women in Music this year, Selena aligns with the stars previous winners such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Pink, Katy Perry, Fergie, Beyonce and Madonna. But she did not receive the same support.

As an artist, Selena should be considered from her artistic dedication before taking into account social and political activities.

2017 is not a bad year for Selena about social activities. She is UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador, donating money to the Lupus Research Foundation, a disease she herself has suffered. She is also the production manager of the successful television series via Netflix, 13 Reasons Why , but does not participate in acting.

But as a singer, this was an unsuccessful year for Selena. The singles and her recent song are all on the low chart. Fetish, a collaboration with Gucci Mane, ranks 27th on the Billboard Hot 100. Bad Liar, a well-placed MV, reached number 20. Wolves, a collaboration with producer Marshmello, has just arrived. 20th place.

With Wolves , Selena performed the song at the Women in music awards, but had mixed reactions: many viewers suspected she was lip-syncing. Someone even emphasized Selena did not perform during the previous year, and when back, caused a mess. In response to this complaint, producer Marshmello defended Selena, saying: “Her talent is surreal.”

Earlier this year, Selena’s song ” It Is Not Me” collaborated with DJ Kygo on the top 10, which was her highest performance this year. But with It Is Not Me , Selena is only a collaborator, she did not appear in the MV.

In comparison, Selena’s previous songs, though not topping the charts, are still in the top 10, top 5, such as The Heart Wants What It Wants, The Good And The Bad , The Same Old Love.

With Selena’s music career, 2017 is a year of going down. Because Billboard is a music magazine, not a fashion magazine or a social-political one, it is hoped the Women of the Year Award will honor a celebrity whose music and social life stand out equally. And this year, many argue that Ariana Grande deserves more.

Despite being hated by audiences for canceling the show in August, Ariana still proved herself at the international music school. This year, she made her world tour of a Dangerous Woman highly praised by professionals.

Not only that, Ariana also had a fundraiser to fund Manchester United terrorists, the event took place on the night of her tour that killed 22 people and injured 120 people.

One of the biggest causes for Selena to be considered a “virtual star” lies in her own statement about Instagram.

The statement came in March when the singer appeared on the cover of Vogue after months of psychological treatment after a mid-2016 tour. Talking about her change after psychological treatment, Selena says she will use Instagram less because the social network is malicious to her.

“It (Instagram) has become overwhelming for me, and it’s kind of embarrassing to me when I wake up and when I go to bed, I’m an addict, and I have to see things that I do not want to see, I do not want to mind, I feel bad when I visit Instagram, that’s why I do not care about it, I’m avoiding it. “

In the interview with many of these statements, the singer also stated that she would limit the Instagram use in the future, and even removed the application from the mobile phone.

But then she could not keep her words. With 131 million current subscribers, Selena is the top star of Instagram and she can not get out of this social network.

Shortly after the Vogue interview , Selena was swept back to the whirlwind of fame, falling in love with The weekend noisy and can not stop showing photos on Instagram. Each picture has from 3 million to more than 7 million likes, irresistible charm.

And from March to now, the number of photos posted on Selena Instagram is even denser than before. With many people, from the first photos with The weekend when salty, Selena was able to treat as a liar.

The “most watched character on Instagram Worldwide” has so much glamor that Selena’s addictive outbreak is unbearable. In 2017, she will hold the position since 2016, with an increase of more than 33 million followers compared to last year. And she is also the owner of 5 of the 10 most liked photos on Instagram this year.

Specifically, Selena photo taken with his donation kidneys reached 10.31 million likes, selfie photos with The weekend at Coachella festival reached 8.14 million, photo red carpet with The weekend at Met Gala reached 7.78 million, photo, cycling in the Vogue magazine reached 7.15 million and photo birthday 25 years old to 7.06 million likes.

The reunion of Selena and longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber after a long separation in November made the public heated. At the same time, the information singer singer broke up with the boyfriend The weekday two months ago was also released.

Love story Selena – Justin has inspired many people about the vitality of a true love. At the heart of the information chain, the female singer gains a great deal of reputation. Her image is always beautiful and loved.

It was Selena, who made all the information around her about private life. But also, in 2016, complained to Marie Claire magazine : “I try to promote the products that I love, but the whole interview revolves around my private life. Interview with feeling of failure “.

Also in 2016, she admitted to being known as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend “would ruin my career.” At that time, the headlines placed the phrase “Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend” next to her name.

By the end of 2017, Selena also announced that she would be limited to appearing with her boyfriend in public, to avoid being labeled as “polished.” But, on Instagram, the two still posted photos of each other. And most of the information about the singer is not out of the relationship with two famous boyfriends.

He information received many positive feedback from Selena last year was the kidney transplant to treat SLE, the disease she had brought for many years. Kidney transplants are said to have saved her life. Information makes the world touched. The donor was a 10-year-old Francia Raisa, who also received media coverage after the incident.

On the same occasion, it was reported that Selena donated $ 500,000 to the Society for the Study of Lupus Erythema, making her lauded for pioneering the disease in the media, and taking practical action to support her. Patients with the same plight.

Selena Gomez continued to refer to the kidney transplant many times as she appeared in the media later. When she won the Women’s Prize last year, she also said Francia was the one who deserved this award for saving her life.

In general, the information surrounding kidney transplants is positive. Selena has also made a positive impact on the entertainment industry and the public in receiving information about celebrities’ illnesses.

As a result, the media has been publicly reminded of the stars and disease awareness actions: Lady Gaga suffering from fibromyalgia, Kim Kardashian’s psoriasis, Nick Jonas’s diabetes, Bella Hadid’s infection Lil ‘Wayne, Michael J Fox, Parkinson …

However, Selena is still the star with the most attention to her illness. Not only has she disclosed information on Instagram’s world number one, she has repeatedly referred to her illnesses (depression and lupus erythematosis) every time she won a major prize, enough to fill the headlines the next day.



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