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SEO, Internet Marketing And Communicational Resources, Tips And Tricks: The SEOs are those who are engaged in playing with Google and manipulate the web to suit your algorithm or not.
SEO, Internet Marketing And CommunicationFor about a year since Google released its updated “Penguin”, learning to play with the code is no longer sufficient to position a website. Neither is managing agreements to exchange links.

There are many voices shouting that SEO is dead, that the best today “The Best SEO today is not making SEO” disagree. The goal of an SEO expert has not changed it is still able to attract qualified traffic to a website in an optimal positioning for those search terms relevant to the business. What has changed is what today has Google account.

Today Google speaks of being useful to the user, social footprint, to make the site what it promises, which knows that the user remains on the page. Good SEO today will be the one who does it better than a page even if Google disappeared tomorrow.

In this environment, there is much more to SEO than trying to find the formula for Coca Cola.

For positioning on search engines is essential today creating, communicating and delivering value to customers, and manage relationships with the latter, something that corresponds to the classical definitions of marketing.

The SEO therefore no longer the exclusive territory of technicians to approach experts in communication and marketing. Users have learned and have become more demanding.

Today, the purely technical SEO longer exists.

It remains imperative position in Google the search intermediary Internet market but for today it is necessary to work at least four levels, technical, creative, analytical and strategic.

  • Technical SEO: helps the page code is suitable for search engines;
  • Creative SEO: aimed at developing appropriate content and attractive;
  • SEO Analytical analyses marketing actions and their reflection in the web data
  • Strategic SEO , SEO designing the project from the business needs of the company.

A profound change in a market that had just developed, which makes the market is divided between those who want to continue perpetuating a mechanical business is not worth and those who choose to shoot the messenger in this case, the SEO.

To avoid falling into these ends, it is important that you analyse what your project needs now and what kind of knowledge and skills you need to have your SEO team to carry it out.

Only now, looking at LinkedIn the more than 35,500 people in Spain only include SEO in their 2600 profile or include it as their main job.



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