Skype continues to grow by reaching 1 billion users

Skype becomes another app on android by reaching 1 Billion users after the changes made to skype this year.

Our very own favorite video calling app Skype has ultimately reached 1 billion users who downloaded Skype from the play store. This high reach occurred due to all the updates made by Microsoft this year. It crossed 500 million downloads in February 2015 and now, after 2.5 years, the app is finally on the list of apps having more than 1 Billion users.


They updated Skype to 8.0 version 8.0 with a brand new UI with colors, animations, and shapes. The main screen presented three tabs where you can organize your chats and contacts discretely. Just like snapchat it came up with a highlights section that shares your pictures with your friends who can see them for 24 hours. Moreover, due to UI card, skype periodically shows you moving cards on the screen.

Earlier ‘1 billion downloads club’ has majorly apps from Facebook and Google. But now the hard of Microsoft paid off and it has reached the milestone of 1 Billion.



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