Iphone : The Super Fast Speed In Smartphones

Iphone : The Super Fast Speed In Smartphones:  The phone is placed in the test series standard scale to measure processor speed and performance of the memory.
Iphone The Super Fast Speed In SmartphonesThey are trying to manipulate photo editing, running graphics-intensive games and use multiple applications simultaneously.

The test results show that Samsung Galaxy phones S4 is the fastest speed.

Processor speed 1.9 GHz quad-core Galaxy S4 helped create impressive score.

Phone received scores on the 3188 test results are industry recognized, while the iPhone 5 is only 1664 points.

We have put the most advanced Phone 7 now on the tests. iPhone 5 have the lowest scores and Apple will certainly upgrade this version in autumn this year.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 beat other competitors on processing speed.

In second place in the standings HTC One. This product brings the power quad core processor speed of 1.7 GHz and 2GB RAM.

The phone allows users to use Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Angry Birds games at once. In other words, the machine supports multi tasking very well.

Next is the turn of the blockbuster Sony Xperia Z, 4 Google Nexus, Galaxy Note 2 and BlackBerry Z10.



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