Sony Launches Lifelog App For SmartBand

Sony Launches Lifelog App For SmartBand: Sony has released Lifelog Google Play application , which serves to collect information quantifying SmartBand SWR10 bracelet.
Sony Launches Lifelog App For SmartBandThis Smartband will hit the markets in May at a price of 99 euros/$138, but is now available to be bought in advance.

The application allows you to easily capture Lifelog life and highlights of the user, as the places visited, listened to music, games, books read, etc.

It presents the data in an intuitive, visual interface, which was described as Sony in its presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2014 last February.
Sony Launches Lifelog AppLifelog also allows the user to set goals and challenges on SmartBand, monitor progress and make recommendations to help make future decisions.

Smart bracelet communicates with Android phones, with KitKat 4.4 operating system, Bluetooth and NFC. When out of range “10 meters” away from the smartphone, a vibration alerts the user to let them know. Also will report you by vibration messages, “likes” and ” tweets .”

Lifelog can be downloaded for free on Google Play.



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