Sony Launches New 2TB External Hard Drive

Sony New 2TB External Hard Drive price $269.49: Sony has recently launched a removable hard drive with capacities up to 2TB with amazing features.
Sony launches HDD 2TBBring PSZ-HA2T code, this product is equipped with a silicone outer shell to limit damage when collisions or when we accidentally dropped it.

Sony says you can drop PSZ-HA2T at 2m to the ground and drive will still function normally.

In addition, the external HDD is also dustproof standard IP5X, water splash and design standards IPx4 exhaust stack when multiple users need to drive each other to expand storage space.

PSZ-HA2T own a USB 3.0 with data transfer rate of about 120MB/s next two FireWire 800 ports.

The Sony also offers three different versions of this line of storage, including HDD 1TB, 500GB and 256GB SSD.
Sony launches external HDD 2TB

It comes with a product software that helps users to quickly format your drive style exFAT, FAT32, HFS+ or NTFS. PSZ-HA2T. It will be on sale in June this year for $269.49.



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