Sony SmartWatch Best For User Experience

Sony New SmartWatch 2 launch on 9 September 2013: These watches will come with a number of connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Near field communication.
Sony SmartWatchThe latest smart Jam will feature a 1.6-inch screen with a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels.

Such devices can be connected via NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 functionality features. This sophisticated watches can also be charged battery using micro-USB connector as well as performing with the waterproof feature.

When Sony introduced the device in June 2012, the manufacturer suggests that the SmartWatch 2 is scheduled for release in September. Sony has now confirmed that the device will be released 9 September with a recommended price of U.S. $ 150.

Sony SmartWatch bestAs the name implies, SmartWatch 2 – this device is the second generation of the SmartWatch Several other companies such as Microsoft, Samsung and Apple are also developing similar products.

Specifically for Microsoft, some time ago it was revealed that the Redmond-based company, the United States developed a SmartWatch with a futuristic design which is clad in aluminum material.

Under the Surface team that developed the tablet, the software giant gave birth to a new SmartWatch prototype.

The device with a 1.5-inch display is made with aluminum oxynitride material. The material claimed to be three times harder than glass. Microsoft smartwatch also reportedly using the Windows 8 operating system and has 6GB of storage media as well as LTE connectivity.



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