Sony Wants To Get A Largest Phone Company

Sony Is Trying To Be The Largest Phone Company: Sony Mobile Communications Leader said that the company aims to become the largest mobile phone maker 3rd world.
Mr. Dennis van Schie director of sales and marketing at Sony did not say specifically when Japanese electronics companies can achieve this ambitious goal however, he asserts, Sony time to come the major phone manufacturers 3rd world will not exceed 10 years that may be even sooner.

When asked if Sony hopes to hold how many % market share in the smartphone market runs on Google’s Android platform – Mr. Dennis van Schie said “If we aim to position 3, we will have 20 % value smartphone market.”

Currently, Sony owns about 6.5 -7 % smartphone market share .

The market analyst said that the ambitious strategy to overcome Sony Mobile market rivals such as HTC or other brand phones from China hit as Huawei Technology and ZTE.

Leaders of Sony said, Sony is focusing on high-end smartphone segment with the price of 408 USD or more. The high-end smartphone from Sony will be the device’s integrated corporate strength.

Mr van Schie said that Sony was still a strong brand , even popular among youngsters. Around the world, Sony is recognized as premium brand, quality and rugged design.

According to van Schie, to achieve the above objectives, Sony needs to reach two important markets, such as China and the U.S., the market is almost no existence of the Sony smartphone or if there is only market share percentage is modest.



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