Sony Xperia Z Joins Android Open Source Project

Sony Xperia Z Joins Android Open Source Project: The Sony Xperia Z has joined the Android Open Source Project so that developers can now install the free version of the Android operating system in this mobile phone and create change.
Sony Xperia Z Joins Android Open Source Project The first functional build AOSP for Xperia Z can be downloaded directly from the Sony platform .

The terminal joins Sony Xperia S which already joined this project and aroused great interest.

The project was carried out by Redestig and Bjorn Johan Andersson who are the software engineering experts from the Japanese company.

They have announced it is now available on GitHub AOSP project code for Xperia Z.

On this platform you can find codes chipset drivers for specific hardware.

Most of them are owned by Qualcomm and a download will be necessary to accept a license agreement which specifies that way you can use and possess limitations.

Interested developers can access the GitHub open operating system and take a look at the impact of the software to see how they can help.

Sony has insisted that this software is not yet useful for everyday use as it does not include telephony functions like a standard terminal.

From the outset, the AOSP has several functions available as recognizing SD card, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, LED and motion sensors.

The camera and the phone module will be available when they have drivers and copyright codes not yet available.

The project is already under way and people are  just waiting to see what developers manage to make one of the smartphones more powerful the moment.



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