Special Gift With Orignal Iphone

Special Gift With Orignal Iphone: Application program in the chain of distribution agents across the country with preferential rates and valuable gift come.
Special Gift With Orignal IphoneCustomers are entitled to 1 exchange 1 within 12 months from the date of activation to use the phone.

In addition also committed to changing the delivery guarantee for customers for up to 48 hours  and 5 days  from the center of  receive goods warranty.

The difference when it comes to system agents, authorized shop  customers are fully assured about the quality as well as ease the genuine iPhone owners that are not bound by the conditions attached as buying package .

With the largest dealer network in Vietnam, iPhone customers can purchase genuine by distributed over thousands of points of sale through out the nation in chain stores: Mobile World, Vien Thong A, FPT Shop, Nguyen Kim, Tran Anh, Pico, D & C Mobile, Mai Nguyen, Media Mart.



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