Spy Software Applied by NSA in 100,000 Computers Worldwide

Software Applied by NSA in 100,000 ComputersNSA Applied A Software In About 100,000 PC’s Globally: The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) Applied software in about 100,000 computers around the world to develop the monitoring work of these devices and to create a platform from which to launch cyber attacks, as reported by edition digital journal The New York Times, citing documents that spy agency, security experts and senior officials of the U.S. government.

Most of the software was installed NSA directly accessing computer networks. The newspaper of New York reported that the spy agency used technology secret that allows you to enter and modify data in the computer even when they are connected to Internet.

The NSA has been used this technology at least since 2008, is based on a secret channel of radio waves that can be transmitted from small circuits and inserted into the host USB devices.

In some cases, the information obtained is sent to a receiving station the size of a briefcase that can be installed to computers spied miles.

The radio frequency spy technology has allowed the NSA to overcome one of the main problems of the U.S. intelligence community, easy access to computers to withstand cyber attacks or attempted espionage.

In most cases, software radio frequencies should be inserted directly by a spy by the manufacturer or by a user who is unaware of putting a monitoring device.

The NSA these operations in their missions active defense against cyber attacks by other countries setting. However, when Chinese citizens have computers installed similar software in U.S. companies or government agencies , the U.S. authorities have formally protested and in some cases, directly from the White House.

Among the most frequent targets of the NSA and the Pentagon colleagues , especially the U.S. Cyber ​​Command various units of the Chinese army which Washington has accused of launching cyber attacks on U.S. military targets and business.

However, this radio control program called for Quantum also allows access to military computer networks in Russia, Mexico Police and drug cartels in Latin America.

It has also been directed to Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, according to U.S. government sources and according to a map showing the NSA called exploitation of the computer network.

Again according to the newspaper, there is no evidence that the NSA has implemented this program through the transmission of radio computers located within the continental United States.

The NSA has refused to comment on the Quantum although that program has ensured that the actions developed under this project are not comparable to those made from China.

“The NSA activities are concentrated and are specifically directed only against valid targets in response to the requirements of foreign Intelligence,” a spokesman for the U.S. agency Vance Vines, in a statement.

” We do not use intelligence capabilities to steal trade secrets from foreign companies on behalf of Americans for companies to strengthen their international competitiveness,” he underlined.

In the past two months , several parts of ‘Quantum’ program have been revealed by the leaked documents by the NSA exanalista Edward Snowden.

A Dutch newspaper published a map of the areas in which the United States has introduced its spyware and the German weekly Der Spiegel has published a catalog of computer products in the NSA.

The New York Times said he had this information in his possession when it was published in the summer of 2012 and agreed not to disclose an express request of U.S. authorities in Intelligence.

It is expected that U.S. President Barack Obama announced yesterday that it will accept the recommendations of a team that has reviewed the changes to the practices of the NSA.



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