‘Star Wars: Last Jedi’ Movie Spoiler Revealed

While fans are preparing to go to theaters for the release of the latest installment of the series of films “Star Wars”: “The Last Jedi”, one of the stars of the film revealed a great spoiler.

'Star Wars Last Jedi' Movie Spoiler RevealedThe cast of the highly anticipated film produced by Disney remained silent about what fans can expect to see in the new movie “Last Jedi”, but during an interview on Wednesday with ITV’s “This Morning”, John Boyega revealed a great spoiler.

“Hosts this morning,” Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, conducted a video interview with Boyega, asking the star questions about the film, but Willoughby – who apparently had seen an anticipated screening of the film – accidentally said [ SPOILER ALERT] “The fans will be very excited because Yoda has returned!”

Clearly surprised by Willoughby’s mention of the film’s spoiler, a frozen Boyega looked nervously around him, clearly trying to think of the best way to quickly solve the accidental slip situation of the spoiler.

“Omg Holly giving away a pretty big #starWars spoiler on #ThisMorning… absolutely hilarious. John Boyega looking to his people for help killed me…”

Already thinking that the damage was already done, Boyega said, “You know what, things happen, get your ticket! Get your ticket!”

Both hosts of the show worked hard to try to redeem themselves after revealing the spoiler. Schofield tried to defend his co-host and said: “Maybe Yoda has not come back?”

“If I dont know!” He added Willoughby and then went on to say that he did not mean what he said about Yoda’s return and that he was actually trying to insinuate something else.

While “This Morning” allowed this great spoiler to fall, there are still many unknowns on earth, very, very left in the film that has not yet been revealed.



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