Stealing the movie ‘Games of Thrones 7’ was wanted

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Hacker leaked the content of HBO’s Season 7 movie “Game of Thrones” has been verified, the radio station is determined to handle this incident seriously.

According to USA Today, hackers attacking HBO’s servers and leaking a few episodes of  Game of Thrones in August have been identified and will be held liable.

The culprit is Behzad Mesri, a former Iranian information technology expert, Mesri was accused by US prosecutors of stealing documents including scripts and important footage of Game of Thrones 7.

He was also fined $ 6 billion for illegal extortionWhen HBO declined to pay, Mesri released the stolen content online on July 30.

Prior to the HBO incident, Mesri attacked Israel’s infrastructure and software systems. At the moment, the hacker is still in Iran, but US officials will soon be on hand to deal with the case and issue a suit.

Attorney Joon Kim said at the press conference: “The hackers thought they would commit the crime anonymously, behind the scenes but in the end, the truth will also be revealed.

The HBO spokesman also sent a tough message to any hacker who wanted to attack the station again and reveal information about the final season of the Game of Thrones , scheduled for release in late 2018 or early 2019. is considered a warning bell with HBO’s “joke with fire” action and a lack of awareness of the not-so-obvious community of filmmakers.

Episode 4 of The  Game of Thrones  season 7 was called  The Spoils of War, which was leaked online two days before its official launch. The hackers also spread personal information such as home address, phone number of the actor, causing the manufacturer’s reputation to decline dramatically.

After hacking into HBO’s server, the hacker left the message saying, “Hello humanity, you will be the lucky ones to witness and download the Game of Thrones.”

For its part, HBO sends email to employees and says the technical team and experts are fixing the problem. “I’m sure we’re going to solve this problem, data protection is critical at HBO and of course we’ll do everything we can protect the information,” said Richard Pelper, chairman and chief executive officer.”

Leaving the content of the film has caused HBO to face huge loss of assets and great damage during the past. This has made it even more cautious in securing information for upcoming projects, especially the last season of Game of Thrones.



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