Students Of University Of Harvard Are Working On Ophone

Students At Harvard University Are Working  On A Phone Accessory: Students at Harvard University are collaborating with experts in laboratory ‘Le Laboratoire’ in order to create a ophone.
Students Of University Of Harvard Are Working On OphoneThis is a phone accessory that allows users to send instant messages smell from around the world like send text or voice messages normally. Scent is created from a small device called integrated within Ophone.

According to the developers, Ophone can emit more than 10,000 different scents based on commands received from an application on a smartphone.

The founder of Le Laboratoire, David Edwards described the project as a way “not only to improve existing methods, but also creates a new kind of language.”

David also said is detail that “We want to find how to create precise aromas and scents synchronized with the image. This idea is the basis for the introduction of Ophone. Consequently, the Ophone can not receive and send scents that can synchronization with the images on the screen of the phone users.”



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