Who Is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend?

Taylor Swift again in love. His name is Joe Alwyn, and he’s an actor and model.

Taylor Swift's New BoyfriendIt does not have to be easy to date Taylor Swift.

First, because she is America’s girlfriend (especially from a very specific and very republican part of America) and that means living with the paparazzi on your heels and with the press dissecting every last detail of your life and your relationship with her.

Second, because the singer is famous for using her songs to air the dirty rags of their past relationships, the post-rupture reproaches or the inevitable distribution of guilt.

He did it with John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal, with Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston or Harry Styles.

And third, because living in the shadow of Swift is part of the deal.

Let them tell their last boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, who is barely talked about if it is not to mention his relationship with the singer, but nevertheless, it seems he has a lot to say.



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