This Is All The Information That Facebook Collects From Its Users

This Is All The Information That Facebook Collects From Its Users: Facebook stores all the activity of its users in the social network from the moment they create their profiles. This information, which every owner of an account can download compressed into a ZIP file, includes data relating to personal relationships, device models and locations.This Is All The Information That Facebook Collects From Its UsersThe developer has verified what type of information Facebook stores about its users, after having requested to the social network itself the sending of a ZIP file containing a backup copy of all their personal data.

Since 2010, the platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg allows to request this information from its Help Service.

After receiving his file, developer has reported in a statement in the group that he received a compressed file of 500MB of capacity where, apart from basic information such as publications, messages, contact lists, comments, events, photographs and videos published Facebook also stores image metadata, login locations and data used for advertising purposes.

According to developer, Facebook never deletes anything. The developer saw in his backup contacts that no longer are, old relationships, their previous jobs or other names used previously in the platform.

The Facebook file specifies the exact day and time when the profile was created and stores “since then” all the user’s actions.


Among other data, the social network stores all the metadata that incorporate the images that users upload. Specifically, the data located by developer is the manufacturer and model of the camera used, technical characteristics of its configuration, the precise location of the capture of the photograph and the IP address from which it was published.

Access information is another aspect that has surprised the developer. Each time a user opens Facebook, the company collects data on time, location, IP, web browser and the device that has been used to do so.

According to developer, the social network has enough data to “determine patterns of daily life” with “great precision”, such as home and work addresses, daily trips or sleep schedules.

In addition, thanks to a facial recognition system perfected by the millions of people who daily upload photos to Facebook, the company’s algorithm is able to identify a person with 98% accuracy and distinguish between 800 million photographs in less than five seconds, developer recalled. In your case, Facebook stores 232 examples of your possible physical appearance.

Another striking aspect is the ability to store forever all the contacts stored in the phones of the users who install their application, something like that. However the owner has to authorize as a step prior to downloading.

In this way, developer found a list of telephone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses of his contacts, both current and past.


The developer’s analysis also confirmed that 21 advertisers had access to their personal information. Although Facebook insists that it eliminates the data obtained by advertisers within 48 hours, the backup file verified that they contain classified data like email, phone number, name, surname, city, region, country, date of birth, age and gender for use in advertising campaigns aimed at specific audiences.



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