Tips Before Buying Smartphones

It is a new year and with new year comes the idea of purchasing new smartphones for many users. After all, new year is supposed to bring in some new smartphones to choose from.

Tips before buying a smartphone onlineBut smartphone buying can be cinch or a headache, depending on whether you are a tech geek or not. No matter though as whichever side you are on, it always helps to be on a lookout for certain things when you smartphone shopping as they may just make or break the deal for you. We bring to you some tips to make the smartphone-hunting game easier for you:

1. Price

The first deal before purchasing a smartphone is identifying the amount of money you are willing to spend on a smartphone. This will affect the rest of the aspects on this list. A budget smartphone may cost less but may not come with future-readiness, for instance. Or a flagship smartphone may feature goodies you would never use. In such a case, it would be better if you identify your budget and stick to it. That will help give an idea of what you will get and what extras are available on smartphones in that price range.

2. Phablet or a Phone

Touchscreen smartphones became a rage quite quickly and have spawned various iterations as well. Now, you have smartphones which may sport from a puny 3.5-inch screen to a mammoth 6.7-inch display. TO ease the case, every smartphone with screen size of 5.5 inches or more is classified as a phablet (a portmanteau word for a phone and a tablet). Every smartphone coming in with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches is termed a phone. So, the first tip for you is to find out whether you need a phablet or a phone, keeping in mind your usage and convenience.

3. OS

The advent of smartphones has also brought to us a good selection of operating systems to choose from. From the highly-customisable Android OS to highly-secure BlackBerry OS, users have a lot to choose from. There is iOS, Windows Phone OS and CyanogenMod OS as well and they have their own range of devices to choose from. Android OS has been adopted by almost every smartphone maker and Windows Phone OS is now getting a push from the device makers. CyanogenMod OS is fairly new but few devices come with this OS preloaded or you can also install it after you have rooted your smartphone (Note: that is a dangerous move though, potentially fatal to your smartphone too). Blackberry OS can only be found on BlackBerry smartphones while iOS is limited to Apple’s iPhones.

4. Specs

This is something you should check for just when you are looking for the OS of your preferred smartphone. Smartphone specs vary from smartphone to smartphone which, in turn, vary from segment to segment. Smartphones come with varying hardware and while the difference in specs can be too apparent when comparing segments, it is too narrow when you consider smartphones in the same segment. For example, it is difficult to find differences between a Motorola Moto E and Asus ZenFone 4 or between HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the difference in specs is readily apparent when comparing Samsung Galaxy S5 against Motorola Moto E. So, keeping an eye out on the specs would also do wonders for you. But while you consider smartphones in the same segment, it would be better to give your choices a real-time tryout to see which one uses its specs better. After all, purchasing a smartphone is no walk in the park for a few tech geeks too.

5. Battery Life

Battery life is perhaps one of the most important aspect you should look out for. After all, the smartphone-of-your-choice won’t be useful for you if it runs out of juice while you were hard at work. Also, it is not just the battery size but also about how efficient is the smartphone’s OS and tweaks made by the device maker that play a role in enhancing or reducing battery life of your smartphone. A good way to check this factor out is by checking on forums as to what the users have said about their smartphones.

6. Warranties

Warranty aspect finds its way here because there are few people who will be keeping their smartphone scratch-free (it is next to impossible, unless you never have unboxed your smartphone). Many users have to face the heart-wrenching truth of their smartphone’s screen cracking or even breaking due to an accidental tumble. Recently, many smartphone makers were up with offers like one-time free screen replacement for a period of 6 months on their smartphones. Look out for all such offers and also ask the retailer if any such offer is ongoing or not. It would not hurt if all this is covered in extended warranty as it would just add to your peace of mind.

7. Hardware/Technical Support

Smartphones have got computing power that rival desktop and laptop PCs. But sometimes, such power comes with its own set of drawbacks. Sometimes, your smartphone may just hang up on you while you were working. Unless it is a smartphone which has a removable battery or comes with a reset button, it would be almost impossible for you to continue with your work. Also, sometimes the problem may be so severe that a reboot may not solve it at all. In such a case, keeping an eye out the hardware and technical support guidelines your smartphone maker follows may help you. So, do check them as well.

8. Accessories

This aspect may be the last one on your head and would follow the purchase of a smartphone, but it would be wise if you always keep an eye on this aspect. This would help you in making your smartphone more personal, unique and convenient to hold and use. The last part of this argument is something you would prefer to keep in mind when you purchase smartphone that are a lot like a slab or come with metal finish as both these kind would be difficult to hold and use with one hand. So, it would not hurt if you also keep a close eye on the accessories market to ensure you can stock up on some necessities and give your phone a nice, personal touch.



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