Top 10 Android Gmail Application Tips

Gmail is not simply a place to manage e-mail from a Google account, instead you can spend this app for your Yahoo, Outlook, and the company account. As the frequency of use Gmail app will likely rise, you have to do more with it.

Top 10 Android Gmail Application TipsTo help simplify your work, we are sharing a few tips to help you spend Gmail app faster, more efficient and less fuss over.

1. Advance Search

Typing the name of the sender, recipient or content of messages in the title bar no wonder, but that’s not only that Gmail’s search feature can do. You can use combinations with different keywords, eg has: attachment to find emails with attachments, subject: abc to find just the rather literal title abc, or in: trash to search deleted messages. You can also combine several keywords together to look at once, such as coffee, subject: you handsome, in: trash, newer_than: 7d to find ‘coffee’ mail letters, title rather than the “me beautiful boys “in the trash with time appearing in the last 7 days. Google has a whole long list of keywords so helpful, invite you to refer to, or view their few important keywords to the list below also.

  • from: search by name or address of the sender
  • to: search by name or address of the recipient
  • subject: Search titles only
  • OR: eg xyz abc OR – find the letter with the word abc OR xya
  • AND: eg crystal AND International – find the letter with the word abc AND xya
  • label: Search by label you hit the letter
  • has:attachment: find the letter with attachments
  • filename: find the letter contains a specific file name
  • in:anywhere: find everywhere in your Gmail account
  • in:inbox, in:trash, in:spam: look in the inbox, in the trash or the spam box
  • older_than, newer_than: find old messages or newer or a certain time period. Example: newer_than: 4w is finding new messages sent / received within the last 4 weeks, or older_than: 8d is looking mail send / receive more than 8 days old from now

2. Add a Non-Gmail Accounts Into Gmail App

This is a great feature because it allows us to manage multiple accounts share a place, you do not need to install one app for Outlook, one app for Yahoo and Gmail app for another one. All is done just to Gmail. Even corporate email can also be managed using this application always (via IMAP or POP3 protocol). How to add a non-Gmail account as follows:

  • Run the Gmail app, open the menu navigation
  • Click the small arrow located next to your name
  • Select Add Account> Personal (IMAP / POP)
  • Enter your email address here alone use Yahoo as an example

With Yahoo, Outlook, the application will automatically detect Gmail configuration, you do not have to enter anything more except passwords. But if spending corporate email or other services, you must enter the server to send, receive and the necessary security information.

3. See All Messages In One Place

If you are using in conjunction with the 2nd procedure, this feature is very good. You just need to click on the app navigation menu, then select “All Inboxes” would see all email from all accounts were added to the Gmail application, including, where all your Yahoo, Outlook and IMAP / POP. If you often have to manage 3, 4 accounts at a time, you definitely need to use the all inboxes then, instead switching accounts manually each time one is lost too.

4. Archive or Delete Messages Right From Notifications

This feature applies to the Android Gmail. When you have a new message, you can pull down the notification bar is entitled to interact immediately with a letter – can be answered or stored. You can also change storage node to node removed by:

In Gmail> Settings> General settings
In Gmail default action item, select Delete to move to delete the default action

5. Swipe to Delete or Archive Emails

With each letter individually, you can slide your finger left or right to delete or archive. It makes our work flow becomes smoother and faster than pressing the button two or three times as traditional. By default, this slide operation remains stores only. If you want to change it to remove the message, then you can apply the procedure under number 4.

6. Turning Off Non-important Conversations

If you have an email conversation that you do not care anymore, you can choose to take it, click the three dots menu and select “Mute”. This way, Gmail will not notify you when new messages within a conversation, support fuss. Note that new messages still appear in your mailbox in a normal way so that you can review at your leisure and not take away.

7. Ordered Gmail Automatically Switches To The Next Letter

To set up this feature:

  • Run the application Gmail> Settings> Gmail settings
  • Auto-advance Select> choose Advance
  • There are three options: Newer to switch to newer letter mail has deleted / storage, Older to move older messages, or Conversation list to return to the list of email

8. Sort Mail

Gmail is available on auto sort messages into different inbox, for example, the important messages in Priority Inbox for, the less important messages in your Inbox to normal, but spam is automatically thrown into Spam mailbox. The thing itself Gmail will not be able to recognize every letter, so you need to setup this:

  • Choose a specific message
  • Press the menu button three dots


  • Mark as important, with the important messages
  • Mark as not important to the less important email
  • Report spam with spam

You only need to perform this operation with multiple Gmail messages are automatically learned immediately

9. Hide Avatar Users To View More Content

You can hiding sender’s image as follows:

  • Open Gmail> Settings> General settings
  • Uncheck the “Sender image” is finished
  • Back on the email list to see results

10. Sending and Receiving Files Directly With Google Drive

If you have a file to send from Google Drive, you do not need to download it manually and then re-attach to the letter anywhere. Instead, you simply click the paperclip icon> INSER from Drive> browse to the file to be sent. Done.



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