Top 10 Battery Saving Tips For iPhone

10 Best Battery Saving Tips For iPhone: 7 iOS version iOS 6.1 battery power. However, you can use some tips to extend battery life for iPhone, his iPad.

Top 10 Battery Saving Tips For iPhone1. Change Settings Spotlight:

With iOS 7, you can search for anything on the iPhone using the Spotlight feature. All you have to do is stroked from the top of the screen and enter the keyword. Still quite convenient, Spotlight makes batteries wear away quickly.

You can change is exactly what Spotlight searches by going to Settings> General Settings> Spotlight. From here, you turn off any kind of unwanted data, in addition to adjusting the order of search results appear.

2. Turn Your AirDrop Off:

iOS 7lets you quickly share files between the iPhone 5. This feature is useful but not always necessary. To turn off AirDrop, clawed from under the screen to access the control center. From there, disable AirDrop until needed again.

3. Reduce The Screen Brightness:

This is a traditional way to prolong the use of the device. Instead of accessing the settings as the previous version, iOS 7, you just need to control center to reduce the screen brightness.

4. Turn Parallax Off:

Many users complain of being iOS 7 as dizziness, nausea. One of the reasons is because of everything that iOS 7 scent 3D and motion wallpaper behind applications. This feature also makes batteries Parallax short of going fast. To turn off effects Parallax, visit Settings> General Settings> Accessibility> Reduced movement.

5. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

When on the move without having to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection off the battery will last longer. You can enable / disable it in the control center.

6. Disable Automatic Updates:

iPhone can automatically update the application from the App Store depress the pin. To disable this feature, and select the update manually, go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> Automatic download. Here, you turn off the automatic download for music, apps and books.

7. Don’t Use Animated Wallpapers:

The animated wallpaper that iOS 7 provides very interesting but also destroy the battery quickly. To change, go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper. Here, you should select static background image or use your alternative.

8. Selective New Message:

You can adjust the display to iOS 7 is only necessary notifications in Notification Center section. To change, go to Settings> Notification Center and turn off unnecessary items.

9. Disable Ad Tracking:

Go to Settings> Privacy> Advertising and turn on limit ad tracking.

10. Flight Mode:

When in areas with weak coverage or airplane seat, you should enable airplane mode to save battery power. Access to the Control Center by stroking the screen back and turn airplane mode.



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