Top 5 Smartphones Best Camera in 2013

Top 5 Smartphones Best Camera in 2013: Chief among the best camera phones today is the Nokia 808 PureView last Symbian device with camera resolution up to 41 dots.
Top 5 Smartphones Best Camera in 2013Photography is one of the features that are most widely used on a smartphone, and therefore it is also features top concern in the decision to purchase phone users.

If you are someone who likes taking pictures or video on the smartphone, you should consider choosing one of the following model.

Nokia 808 PureView

Although both debuted this year but still no phones are seen as rival to the 808 PureView imaging capabilities. Equipped with sensor size 1/1, 2 inch, the largest of smartphones on the market are even larger than the sensor of many digital cameras today.

A further feature is the 808 PureView integrated Xenon flash format instead of LEDs as the current model that captures images brighter and colors more realistic.

In addition to the ability to capture peak, Nokia 808 PureView own modest configuration with single-core chip and old Symbian operating system.

Nokia Lumia 902

The same technology that uses Nokia PureView called, but the camera on the Lumia 920 is different from the 808 PureView technology.

Many people have had little disappointed when choosing to buy Lumia 920 and see photos of the day are not good as expected.

The Lumia 920 PureView technology focused on low-light shooting capability and optical image stabilization while video recording.

Sony Xperia Z

Not Officially marketed but Sony’s latest Exmor Technology RS has been known since the end of 2012. Accordingly, Exmor RS designed the structure “stack”, có improves sensitivity, brighter colors and greater contrast range.

HDR video recording Capabilities of the Xperia Z is Also Considered ahead of its time. Basically khi enable HDR video recording, the camera come at the same time in 3 Different light modes, then re-integrated to output a video glitter most.

Currently experts are waiting for this model is released to have the most accurate experience.

Samsung Galaxy S III

It is no coincidence that the Galaxy S III is classified as a super food and had time to pass iPhone in sales.

Galaxy S III is one of the few Android smartphones have a camera standard 5 stars by the ability to auto-focus quickly and display honesty.

One point to be appreciated is that the S III camera capable of detecting objects with eyes closed or not taken or acquaintances identify if the image was taken is available on your computer.

iPhone 5

Older Sony sensor mentioned above is the sensor used in the iPhone 5.

Theoretically the quality of the iPhone camera 5 disadvantage compared to Xperia Z but the actual observations, not sure you realize the difference.

Compared with the current iPhone 5 is still worthy of a top of the camera phone with the ability to focus quickly, the beautiful and color correct in favorable light conditions.



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