Top Best Sellers Of 2017, Who Entertained the World Throughout The Year

In 2017, audiences witnessed the events of the international entertainment industry. The prominent figures are prominent achievements, having a great influence on the entertainment, music, cinema and fashion world in the past year.

1. Taylor Swift

taylor swiftTaylor Swift scored the winning goal for his career and the music industry in the second half of 2017 when he launched Look What You Made Me Do , the opening track for the album Reputation.

In August, Taylor Swift filed a lawsuit against DJ David Mueller who touched and won with a $1 compensation claim. The singer is on the cover of Time magazine and is on the “Breakers of Silence” group – the character of 2017.

In late December, she was ranked No. 2 on the list of the most successful artists of all time. of the Billboard 200.

2. Chester Bennington

Chester BenningtonJuly 20, the world quietly in the mercy, regret the sudden departure of the band leader Linkin Park – Chester Bennington. But with that is the respect before the heroic life of the rock singer.

After 17 years, Chester Bennington’s talent has contributed to creating a monumental music called Linkin Park. His departure has a strong influence on the world music last year.

This is why Linkin Park’s four albums reappeared on the Hot Billboard 200 chart and had a huge number of listeners.

A compilation album of the best performances of Linkin Park’s last tour before Bennington’s death was released on December 15th.

3. Ariana Grande

Ariana GrandeIn July, the Ariana Grande show in Manchester (UK) was bombed with terrorism that left 19 dead and 50 injured. The singer undergoes a great shock, the spirit is up panic.

Not only did Ariana return to the United States to host a one-man charity concert, One Love garnered more than £ 4 million for the victims.

She also had a successful year when the Dangerous Woman tour ended her journey through 30 countries and territories, earning $41 million.

4. Selena Gomez

Selena GomezThis year, Selena Gomez is gaining attention as the producer of the hit series 13 Reasons Why. She has maintained her popularity over the past year with a lot of information regarding her private life.

In January, Selena stormed the public out of The Weeknd, in September she shocked the whole world before the kidney transplant surgery with the strong spirit, the will to fight the disease. In October, the Selena-Bieber couple reunite with the press.

Selena Gomez was named Woman of the Year by Billboard magazine . In addition, she still holds the throne “Queen Instagram” with many followers.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin BieberWith the successful Despacito remix , number one on the Hot 100 Billboard for 16 consecutive weeks, Justin Bieber contributed to an original hit by two Spanish artists, Puerto Rico – Luis Fonsi became a full phenomenon. bridge.

Labeled as “bad boys” of the music industry but Justin Bieber is still a star with many outstanding music products. Launched in March of this year, Purpose World Tour, by the end of the year, brought just over $200 million to Justin Bieber, becoming a fever in all of it.

He is also the only star to own two songs that fill 1st and 2nd place on the Billboard Hot 100 for more than three weeks.

6. Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieA year after the shocking divorce with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie rose to become a model of independent and talented women. She inspires many women in spirit, stands up after the breakup of marriage, alone care for six children, self-overcome depression and illness.

This year, she made a cameo as director and producer for the biopic ” First They Killed My Father ,” which revolves around the fight against the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

She is also one of the A-list actors who speaks out about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and molestation.

7. Gal Gadot

Gal GadotWonder Woman is the role that completely changed the career of Gal Gadot, taking her from the medium to become a top Hollywood star in just one year.

Not only did it succeed with the echoes of the first superhero movie cast, but also contributed to a different perspective on the role of women in cinema, gender inequality.

Wonder Woman’s contribution to Gal Gadot was invited to the American Film Academy, becoming one of the most loved actors this year.

8. Beyoncé

BeyoncéBeyoncé is the singer earning the most money in the world in 2017 according to Billboard magazine .

The impressive performance of the twins on stage has become one of the most impressive moments of the Grammy Awards this year.

“Pop Queen” also caught the attention of the twins Rumi and Sir Carte in July. Photo courtesy glamorous gowns have helped Beyonce become the owner of the most like photos on Instagram.

9. The Jenner Sisters

The Jenner Sisters kylie jenner kendall jennerThe Jenner sisters, the “IT girl” supermodel, alternately covered the runways and fashion magazines, influencing the fashion world.

In 2017, Kendall Jenner surpassed a series of long legs to become the most fashion model in the world.

Kylie Jenner with her own brand and cosmetics, leading the trend in the fashion world is the most famous and wealthy member of the Kardashian family. This year she made a cameo when announcing having a baby with her boyfriend.

10. Meghan Markle

Meghan MarkleThe announcement of the engagement of Prince Harry and 36-year-old actress and blogger Meghan Markle has become a public figure.

The fact that an African American actress set foot on the British royal gate causes curiosity and attention from the public.

She is the most searched actor in the past year and also the second most searched character in 2017, ranking on other names such as Harvey Weinstein, Melanie Trump.



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