4 Travel Gadgets You Need In Your Life

Given the busy life schedule, not many of you have the luxury to travel often. But when you do get a chance to escape the city, you want to enjoy every bit of your holiday and don’t want to face any hurdle that interrupts your joy. While you certainly can’t control any unexpected unpleasant situation, there are some things which you can use to make our journey smooth and avoid issues which you know will crop. Here is a list of four travel gadgets which will make your trip easier and hassle free:

iPhone camera lens

iPhone camera lensAlthough iPhone is already blessed with good camera features to help you capture images beautifully even in low light conditions, you need more when it comes to shoot pictures on your travel visit. Maybe you are on a business trip and don’t want to carry your camera everywhere. Or maybe you just like to travel light. Or maybe you don’t get the advanced features in cameras. Be it either reason, if you have iPhone it’s best to go for its camera lens which you can attach and remove easily anytime. It has different lens options in it to make the work easier for you. But if you are someone who likes the feel of camera in his/her hands, go for compact digital cameras which won’t take much space in your bag.

Travel Steam Iron

Travel steam ironYou are travelling to an exotic location, have booked the finest hotel and have availed exclusive packages for sight-seeing. But have you thought about what impression you will lay when you arrive in your hotel lobby in wrinkled clothes? If not, there’s still time! Purchase a travel steam iron today which heats up swiftly, ironing your clothes properly. Getting your clothes steamed from the laundry there can be an extremely expensive affair plus you may not get them on time. Avoid that by travelling with this light-weight gadget.

Franklin Global Translator

Franklin global translatorTravelling to a country where English isn’t widely spoken can be challenging, if you aren’t well-versed with their language. On the same time it’s important for you to understand their language to be able to communicate effectively and ask for your needs at the shop there. Franklin 12 language global translator contains over 450,000 words, 12,000 phrases and speaks 115,000 words in recorded human voice. All you need to do is type a word in native language and this gadget will speak that word in your preferred language. It also comes with a MP3 player to let you enjoy music on the go. If you find this device out of your budget, it’s best to put in your money in smartphones where you can install the latest translation apps.

Portable Router

Portable routerIf the only signal you look forward to everyday is the Wi-Fi signal, then you definitely need this gadget in your life. A day without internet can strike attacks even in the strongest people. It’s not just a medium of entertaining ourselves but also helps us stay connected to our loved ones. With video calling cheaper than ever, internet has become a necessity to talk to our family when travelling far without building our travel expenses. A portable router will help you connect to a safe and reliable network and you can use this service with your mobile, laptop, tablet or smartphone.




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