Twitter Went Down And Now Back Online

Twitter Went Down And Back Online After Half Hour: Twitter was down for about half an hour for any number of users on Monday after a crash during a change of pace.
twitterThe MicroBlogging service said in a brief message that had reverted the changes, fixing the issues although some users experienced delays in getting the updated tweets.

Earlier on Monday, users trying to click on trending topics and other positions receive an error message that began with “something that is technically incorrect.”

Due to a bug in a change in routine, Twitter was not available from 13:08 to 13:33 PDT PDT. Arrived back wrong change was identified as the problem” the company said.

Twitter’s phenomenal growth since its inception 2006 means who has struggled to handle an ever-increasing volume of tweets.

Currently claims more than 200 million users generating 400 million tweets – or 140-character messages – daily.

From enduring repeated criticism about his infamous fail whale icon interruption in its early years, The MicroBlogging service has dedicated significant resources to improve reliability in an attempt to project itself as a brand Ripe bright.



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