Uber Investing $500 Million On Its Own Worldwide Map

Uber Investing $500 Million On Its Own Worldwide Map

The Financial Times has said that Uber is investing $ 500 million into the project map their own global. The total amount of $ 13.5 billion that the company has raised to date.

Uber current data using Google Maps, but it said that there is a lot of information that does not need to Uber sea levels, while much information that it needs such as traffic flow and the exact location. In addition, Uber also said that there are many places is not enough detailed maps, so the company wanted to make a map of their own to enhance the quality of service.

In the future, Uber cabs also projected to drive themselves, so the map with high precision are essential things which it is difficult to rely on third parties.

Finally, the self-help ownership map Uber reduce dependence on Google in the context of Google also is reportedly deploying self-propelled taxi service.



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