Venom: First Look Of Tom Hardy Before Movie Trailer

VENOM, the title set in the same cinematographic universe of Spiderman (and therefore of Marvel), has us with the hype by the clouds since it has Tom Hardy as protagonist and Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”) behind the cameras.

Venom First Look Of Tom Hardy Before Movie TrailerToday the first official look of Hardy (playing Eddie Brock) came on board. Next to him we will see in the film Michelle Williams and apparently Woody Harrelson.

VENOM will take as reference the comic books Lethal and Planet of Symbiots.

In the comics of Lethal Protector the character of Venom moves to San Francisco where he decides to offer his services as a hero to the city despite the fact that people know he is a villain and most of them fear him.

One day a group known as “The Jury” appears and decides to pursue and kill him.

For its part in the plot line of The Planet of Simbiontes we find Venom joining forces with Spiderman to end with Carnage and his symbiotes.

This argument opens the possibility that Spiderman makes his presence in the film, since it is a fundamental piece of this second comic.

The movie is set to arrive in cinemas next October.



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