What Google I/O Has Done is Worse Than Facebook

What Google has done is worse than Facebook: New features introduced at the Google I/O event will use more personal information from users, according to The Wall Street Journal and Wired.What Google has done is worse than FacebookOver the past 20 years, Google has always made a mission of providing information to the world. No matter where you work, where you go or who you talk to, you can also use the services of this company.

At the recent Google I/O conference, Google introduced major upgrades. Google Lens can display all information about things around you. Google Assistant is also more convenient to be able to maintain conversation without constantly wake up.What Google has done is worse than FacebookYou open the camera and Google Lens will take the initiative to give you all the information you want, and it will also save that stuff, said Aparna Chennapragada, Google’s vice president.

If you want to update the news, you do not have to tell the app that you like politics, bicycles or want information about the Gulf region. It will tell you right away, said Trystan Upstill, Suggested on Google News.

If you want to go out and play, Google Maps will give you hints on interesting places and inspire you to do something new, said Jen Fitzpatrick. location based on reviews and ratings.

Managing director Sundar Pichai said the new Google panel also revolves around learning user habits like usage time, phone unlocking, the number of notifications you receive.

However, all these gadgets have the price of it. These services operate primarily on the basis of Google exploiting the user’s personal data. Since then the search giant will be able to influence more of our daily options.

To explain the issue of collecting user data, the company said Google Lens will store a portion of the image you viewed in the account. The new Google Assistant features use artificial intelligence to determine when someone is talking and storing the audio they receive.

However, both images and sounds can be removed by visiting Google’s privacy settings.

Google also offers personalized news recommendations that appear only in tabs for you in Google News. The company has also set up features to give the reader a multidimensional perspective on a story.

However, these new updates are a reminder of Google’s understanding of you. None of the Google executives on stage mentioned the terms of these features. In order to quickly provide information, to make suggestions, Google will certainly need to use more personal data of the user.

Facebook is becoming a concern in the tech world about collecting user data. Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that to promote the new features, Google will intensify the collection and analysis of user data, which is worse than Facebook.

In recent years, Facebook‘s “identity tool” has revealed major security weaknesses. However, few people notice that Google has long been a “search engine” by default and it knows everything around us, not just the news.

Perhaps, to use the new features, gadgets that Google has launched, users will have to accept the exchange of personal information.

However, the important thing here is that Google uses them for what purpose and whether the company guarantees user privacy.



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