10 Reasons To Use Instagram Instead Of Facebook: Quick, simple, interesting, artistic and managing privacy settings is one of the advantages that Instagram is attracting more young people than Facebook.
Instagram vs FacebookThere is an interesting fairy tale village technologies like this-Once upon a time, there is a strange land called the Internet. On that ground, there is a garden called Facebook. Facebook sophisticated, interesting, lovely and thousands of friends.

One day, while Facebook engrossed update your status, it received a friend request from someone who is stylish and interesting called Instagram. Since then, Facebook and Instagram became good friends.

However, one day Facebook newsfeed realized in its up Instagram has added a thousand friends. Facebook friends quickly realized this was not cute anymore. Instagram is its occupancy

The story was short on overarching reality. From the perspective of a young person, here are 10 reasons why Instagram attracts over Facebook.

1. When you do not know what to say a simple picture can say it all you are what you are feeling or thinking without having to write it out. I think Instagram is a great place to post up pictures of things that I like best instead of a confused tangle of junk like Facebook.

2. Instagram extremely simple. Click on Instagram, touch the camera icon, take a plate and hit upload. It’s simple and quick that my grandmother can use.

3. Instagram makes everything more enjoyable. With 19 photo editing effects, you can find a perfect effect for any of my photos. These effects, “each one looks, distributed integrity ten ten” is sure to make you excited about testing.

4. Another reason why millions of people love Instagram that you can connect with family and friends worldwide. If you do not know what to say about his photo or comment pics of friends had Emoji app helps you add a smiley face or thumb pointing up to express emotions. Instagram also lets your friends know that you exist, what you are doing, where to go. Also, LIKE getting some friends that we never stop excitement.

5. Instagram is where you get to be yourself. While Facebook makes you tired of having to write something up on my wall or comment postings neighbor’s house. On Instagram you will unleash your personal style to shape your own. Even if that style is not to use pictures or editing effects.

6. Instagram is a safe place to share your photos. You can choose to share your images with the world or with family and friends. I like how we can set privacy mode on Instagram, we can manage those who are entitled to see and like the photos.

7. One more great thing about Instagram is great artistic value behind the photos. See the world through the eyes of others are really great. I especially like the Instagram Popular Page, there are many pictures of so many people from around the world show up even though sometimes I feel ashamed of the imaging capabilities of themselves.

8. Friends and relatives also interesting, but if you’ve ever thought that your favorite actor or singer in Gossip Girl love Taylor Swift also use the same application as you. I have seen and now you can also find them on Instagram. View photos from some of the celebrities you love also quite interesting.

9. Video and many more videos. The latest features and most interesting on Instagram lets you upload the video. Record a video about 5 seconds, say a few things about themselves is an interesting point. And see video of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Jake Gyllenhaal will never be boring.

10. I especially like because when I comment Instagram photos not everyone can see. And I would not be bothered by the advertising message bullshit like on Facebook.


  1. Instagram is awesome, but you can’t compare it to facebook because facebook brought instagram two years ago. -___-


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