Why Online Bookstores are Beating Conventional Brick and Mortar Bookshops?

Amazon.com recently became the second company in the world to cross the $1 trillion mark. The fact that this organization started out as nothing more but an online bookstore is proof of the fact that the future holds place only for those who can mold themselves to fit the online landscape. Though it may take longer to have full effect in developing countries like Pakistan, but the change has already begun to take place here as well.

After all, books are the perfect place to start since an ideal model has already been presented by Amazon on how to achieve success by being an online book retailer. But the question looms, why do online bookstores (or any online retailer for that matter) seem to do better than its good old fashioned brick and mortar counterpart? There are, in fact, many reasons and good ones at that. Online bookstores in Pakistan may be few and far between, however, the rate of success for this relatively new form of business has been astounding. That is a reason why more and more people are getting into this business now.

This article shall discuss the main reasons why online bookstores seem to be beating conventional brick and mortar bookshops.

3 Reasons Why Online Book Retailers are winning

There are some fundamental reasons why online bookstores are doing better all over the world and even in countries like Pakistan.

  1. More Reward for Less Effort

 As consumers of products, we want to put in less effort and get more reward for it and that is exactly what online retail bookstores provide us. While buying online, all you have to do is access the website from your laptop, which you could do sitting comfortably at home, search for your desired book, simply click the “Add to cart” button and purchase it and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep. The entire process is easy, quick and convenient.

Compare this with actually taking out time from your day to go to the bookshop, physically sift through dozens of books until you find the right one and then purchase it. There is considerably more effort required and there are chances that the book you are looking for is not even available at the store or out of stock.

This is something that is easily avoidable while searching on online bookstores by simply typing the name of your book in the search bar. In a matter of seconds, you will know whether the book you are looking for is available on the website or not and which edition is available, what quality it is in and what the price is as well.

  1. Less Cost Incurred

While shopping in online retail bookstores, there is less cost involved as well. And there are more costs involved here than just the price of the book. You incur the cost of time and money in traveling to the conventional brick and mortar bookstore. If you do not find the book that you are looking for, it means that those costs were sunk and you can never retrieve them.

However, in the case of online book retailers, the costs are considerably lower since you do not have anywhere to travel and you save time by accessing the website from anywhere. You do not have to waste time physically sifting through each book since the database of the website informs you about the details of the book including quality and price.

Online bookstores in Pakistan such as Booksinn provide the optimum online book buying experience through their user-friendly interface and a wide variety of academic books available for all courses and degrees.

  1. Better Customer Service

Often, users find better customer service on online retail stores than the conventional brick and mortar stores and the same holds true in case of books as well. Online book retailers clearly state their business policy regarding returns and deliveries so the customer is well aware beforehand what to expect when buying the book.

In the case of physical retail stores, there is no guarantee given that they will allow for a book to be returned or change if that case arises. This leads to undue stress for the consumer since for students it is quite possible that they will have to return or replace the book due to ever-evolving syllabi. That is why so many people prefer buying online books in Pakistan since they get better value for money and are made well aware of the policy of the online retailer beforehand. This avoids any confusion later on and leads to an overall better customer service.

These were just some of the reasons why online bookstores are doing better than conventional bookshops. If the trend holds, which eventually will, in about a decade or two there will be very few physical bookshops left in business as the industry will move to the online landscape for good.



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