Why Online Shopping is Growing in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Why Online Shopping is Growing in Rural Areas of PakistanThe internet has deep effects all around the globe, among them internet shopping is the great one, equally trendy in developed and small countries. The heavy populated countries like China where rural and urban life is drastically different, but internet has become more powerful and dominant. Big companies have connected urban and rural areas through eCommerce, as time has proven the impact of internet on rural areas as well, containing a huge potential for internet shopping.

According to the facts, internet shopping has proven that rural areas have more potential for buying online than the urban area. It is also considered that internet shopping will grow in a rural area more rapidly as per the internet retail index. Internet buyers in rural areas have limited choices and low access to the big markets. They have lack of shopping stores and malls. A low developed network of roads and infrastructure has also provided many reasons to allow internet shopping.

Internet buyers in rural areas do more focus on necessities than luxuries which are another reason for growing trend of internet shopping there. Internet shopping has changed all these circumstances and scenarios by providing rural buyers equal access to web stores as they are giving to urban cities. Now, every online product is easily attainable for urban and rural areas both. It is also apparent that whilst the choice of items may be related, but purchasing habits of buyers are much influenced by location or area. People in rural areas are more careful and prudent in terms of their purchasing behavior. They prefer quality than attractive designs and labels due to their low budget and un-ignorable needs.

Internet shopping has got a boom in rural areas despite remaining by most measures of poor. Natives of rural and countryside areas are more eager for online shopping as compared to that of urban areas and providing fairly satisfactory feedback after shopping. Due to insufficient stores and shopping malls, the rate of shopping has expanded in these areas as per Financial Times reports.

Between 2012 & 2013, spending on internet shopping has boosted over more than 15% according to a financial report of Alipay which is the e-payment platform offered by Alibaba. Industries have changed their directions to web stores and their items, making manufacturing units in all major cities. In developing countries, 7 out of 10 percent rural areas are growing their expenses on internet shopping and among this expenditure; a key product is smartphone that is driving internet expenses.

After the notable penetration of internet shopping in rural areas, retail websites such as Zeesol Store and Homeshopping.pk are growing to be large in numbers in distant areas as the traditional retail stores have become more expensive to build and tough logistically. Altogether, internet retailers in rural areas have more potential as compared to that in urban areas due to all mentioned reasons. The only hindrance is the infrastructure in rural areas which caused shipping or delivery sometimes costly and time-consuming but by having more complicated warehouses and transportation network than current, internet shopping can achieve all the milestones of success.



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