Will Microsoft Make Windows Phone Free Like Android?

Windows Phone will be free like Android?: The world’s largest software company ‘Microsoft’ has had a huge change in the business strategy of his cell.
Microsoft Windows PhoneMicrosoft is currently in talks with Sony to start selling Windows Phone smartphone Sony logo in 2014. At the same time, Microsoft also worked with brands from China ZTE to expand its market share in the segment for Windows Phone Cheap, intermediate.

Microsoft is keen to expand its circle associates to boost market share and influence for Windows Phone. However, in order to attract potential partners to the Windows Phone platform instead of Android, Microsoft has adjusted the business model of the platform. If as in the past, Microsoft charge 10-20 dollars for each Windows Phone handset sold, as is the software license fees now, the company is not ready for the operating system.

“Several hundred thousand were sold the first smartphone to be entirely free software. Later when sales surpassed this threshold, the new Microsoft conduct charge several dollars for each child to sell,” the source said.

On the financial side, Microsoft is more than enough to do this because the company has huge cash balance. Furthermore, the airline also earned a lot of technology royalties from Android handset rival Google. Many research firms estimate the amount that Microsoft could pocket annually up to $2 billion.

Moreover, aside money talk aside, Microsoft does not have a choice but to adapt to the mobile environment cutthroat business.

In this playground, Microsoft products have not been dominant position, which is projected on to challenge as a rookie.

Currently the market share of Windows Phone Google Android completely overwhelmed, there is no reason that the phone companies have to pay more money for a foundation to be indifferent users at all. The Information analysis, in the context of the average selling price of smartphones increasingly lower then the cost of this software even more ridiculous.

If it is true that Microsoft decided to not Windows Phone, this will be an interesting mystery of the mobile market in 2014.



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