Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Ready To Come

The final version of Windows 10 birthday update is build 14393. The update, which offers a range of new features and enhancements, represents the last big push for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10.

The update is available now to those who have opted for the Windows Insider program and will be deported to Windows 10 users on the current branch on August 2. The free update offers Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 10, but ends on July 29, leaving Microsoft hopes that the promise of the new updates will be enough to get people to make the change.

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For consumers, the big birthday Update improvements to stylus input and Cortana. As long as Microsoft pushed Windows-pen interfaces specifications for Windows XP Tablet edition is out there it about 15 years the company has made as an alternative to the mouse, with the only specific major feature pen is the handwriting recognition. It has never worked. Touch interfaces based Finger-dominated with the rise of the iPhone, but Windows has always retained its pen holder, with devices like the Surface Pro 4 and book shipping area with pens.

Over the years, the support of the pen has always been rather unloved, suffering little improvement since the days of Windows XP. Updating anniversary, it is more of a priority, offering quick access to pen applications, including a new application of the sticky note Cortana and integrated application annotate own screenshot, and even including the possibility to use certain applications stylus above the lock screen.window10-4

Cortana is pushed harder. Microsoft PDA can also be used on top of the lock screen so that it can answer questions and take notes, even without unlocking your PC. The anniversary update also provides synchronization smartphone using Cortana applications on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 10. With this, notifications, status updates, and alerts on your phone can be transported to your PC. They can even be answered within 10 Windows Action Center. This means that, for example, an SMS sent to the phone can be answered from the notification on the PC.

The Edge browser has also received much attention: the big room is extension support, with Microsoft’s browser has finally support the same HTML and JavaScript-based extensions that are already found on Chrome and Firefox.

Business customers are for the most part, can receive the free upgrade, but Microsoft is still the courting, too. Windows 10 has already passed surprisingly quickly by the Department of Defense, with the government encouraged by the improvements Windows 10 security. The anniversary update has more to offer here. The bio-metric authentication system for Windows Hello has been extended, allowing a password without access to applications like Dropbox. Bio-metric authentication is also possible in the browser, using FIDO. Over time, we can expect banks and other online services to directly support bio-metric authentication from their websites.


We’ll have a full review of the updated birthday next-same week when the final version is “done” and at least one patch has been shipped since then, and there are rumors that there will be another to follow but we continue to believe that Windows 10 is worth the upgrade, especially given its current price. Although the price is about to rise: once the free update is gone, Windows 10 Home will be $ 119 Pro $ 199 (£ 99 and £ 190 in the UK respectively). Make the switch in a week will cost much more than it will be today, and judge the value of such an upgrade will be much more difficult as a result.

There is still a belief widespread that Microsoft will move back and extend the free update after all, but if the company and Indifferent, he always said he would not-Windows users had to make do better change now, while they still can.



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