Windows 8 Amazing Features

Windows 8 Bringing New A Gaming Experience: Games to be released on the WinStore, Xbox Games brings synchronization between platforms.
Windows 8 Amazing FeaturesAllowing you to save the record and support online games with integrated games.

So you do not play the game anymore, but I will have a lot of friends together to overcome the challenges of the game, and increase community cohesion.

This is the application that allows remote control Xbox 360 with all devices running Windows 8 or Windows Phone as smartphone, tablet, laptop,  pc,not only allows you to easily share data from the device to Xbox 360 using Xbox TV screen to watch movies, surf the web.

SmartGlass also turn other devices become secondary screen to display the Xbox side information when playing games or watching movies.

Of course the next-generation Microsoft Xbox One which just introduced a few days ago also supported this application and may be even more than that.

Windows 8 supports multitouch well, this is something anyone can feel when using the touch-enabled devices running this OS.

However, it is also much more amazing when Leap motion, interactive 3D touch for windows 8 is about to be completed and commercialized.

It allows you to make notes with videos, images, sounds and especially the ability to identify strokes by hand or stylus from the touch screen.

Moreover, with the ability to synchronize data with Office 365, the data access notes from computer to smartphone and tablet convenient and a lot easier.



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