Windows 8 Tablets VS. iPad

Windows 8 Tablets To Be But The iPad To Die: Many features and advantages of the Windows 8 tablet has never been on the Apple iPad.
Windows 8 Tablets VS. iPadRun 2 applications at once on the screen, memory expansion with SD Card, run PC programs typically

IPad is a product may have set the standard for tablet computers, but the competition is still hard to find ways to compete with Apple’s tablet.

New PC operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, is designed to operate on a normal laptop or desktop, and tablet. Here are a few things Windows 8 tablet could do that the iPad can not.

With Windows 8 tablet, you can run 2 applications simultaneously on both screen half.

If you own a tablet running Windows 8 full version, such as Microsoft Surface Pro’s, you can run both the regular PC programs.

Win 8 Tablets VS. iPadThe home screen can be fully customized. You can hide or remove unused applications and resize the tile applications.

The Car “Live Tile” of Windows 8 can update information in real time, so you do not have to open each specific application for new content or not.

Many Windows 8 tablet allows memory expansion with SD Card.

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet accessories Smart Keyboard doubles as protective function of skin.

Many Windows 8 tablet with full size USB port. This is really great when you want to connect your computer with USB or some other accessory.

Windows 8 Tablet can act as both conventional desktop computers. You can attach it to a monitor, mouse and physical keyboard to get the full PC experience.



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