Woman Died While Charging iPhone 5

Apple Investigating On How A Chinese Woman Died With Electric Shock When Using Her iPhone 5 While Charging.
Woman Died While Charging iPhone 5A 23 year old Chinese women died for the reason that is allegedly electrocuted by her iPhone 5 and today Apple has voiced affirmation of their work is to investigate whether their products related to this death.

According to Reuters, Ms. Ma Aliun living in Xinjiang province, China was shocked dead when she answered a phone call with the iPhone 5 when it is plugged in the charger.

Aliun sister has posted information on the death her on Sina Weibo social network and it has attracted a lot of attention, the Xinhua news agency also quoted the police confirmed the accident and the death of this girl.

Apple has provided a site The Verge the following message: “We are truly saddened by this accident and profound condolences to the family of her Ma. We will carefully investigate and coordinate with the authorities in this case.

Still early to say exactly what caused the death of her Ma Aliun, however, is that Apple may actually want to investigate to see whether the device Their main is the main cause of the incident or not.



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