Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Says The Sequel will be Totally Different

The new installment of the superheroine played by Gal Gadot opens on October 31, 2019.

Wonder Woman 2Wonder Woman 2, the sequel to the film about the super heroine played by Gal Gadot, arrives in cinemas on October 31, 2019 and, although it is still early to know the first details about the continuation of Diana’s story – her Director Patty Jenkins has anticipated that it will be different than the first movie.

The director, who returns to be behind the cameras in the sequel after doing it in the 2017 film, has confirmed in ET during the Palm Springs Film Festival that she is already working on Wonder Woman 2 and has stressed that, for them, it is a film totally independent.

“We are making a totally different movie with the same things, similar to the things we love, but it is an independent film, so for us it is not the two. It’s a totally new adventure that we could not have more luck doing”

On the other hand, Jenkins has also anticipated that they are trying to make Lynda Carter , the Wonder Woman of the television series of the 70s, appear in the new installment as a cameo.

“We’ll see. Lynda is one of our dearest people, she has been a great mentor and a dear friend. And we really tried desperately to have her in the first movie and we had a calendar that did not work, so she’s always been part of our Wonder Woman family. We will not say anything yet, but really nothing is lost in trying”

Would you like to see Carter in Wonder Woman 2? The first part became a success between the critics and the public and managed to raise more than 821 million dollars worldwide. What will happen to the sequel?



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