Yahoo Appointed Chairman Of New Board

Yahoo Appointed Chairman Of New Board: News Reuters said Yahoo was officially appointed their Chairman “Maynard Webb” board of the company.

Yahoo Appointed Chairman Of New BoardMaynard Webb is a prominent figure in the technology village he served as CEO of eBay has to work for Yahoo ! from May 2/2012 when Fred Amoroso resigned in April, Maynard Webb has been appointed interim president of Yahoo before being appointed to the current position of President.

The heyday, Yahoo ! was one of the most successful Internet companies in the world.

However, recently, the company continuously situation difficult when faced with more powerful rivals such as Google and Facebook .

Recently Yahoo many efforts to improve the situation as evidenced incumbent CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer relentless efforts to revive the company.

With the appointment of Chairman of the board is considered to be one of her attempt to revive the company.

The leadership and guidance of Maynard Webb on the board of Yahoo ! been invaluable since he joined the representatives of Yahoo ! confirmed.



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