Yahoo! Mail launched the new Flickr style

Yahoo! Mail: Yahoo has a new Mail application on the web, Android, iOS and Windows 8 on a new version with a completely new screen.
Yahoo! Mail launched the new Flickr style
The background of Yahoo Mail will now have a standard color or image from Flickr user, similar to the way that Yahoo Weather display background images. This theme will also be synchronized across all machines to create a familiar and regular customers. New Yahoo Mail for the above mentioned platforms will start to gradually update.
Yahoo! Mail launched the new Flickr style
On this event, Yahoo has celebrated his 16th birthday by opening Mail free storage for mail users up to 1TB. It is enough to say okay capacity of about 500,000 to 1 million messages with attachments and an average user can spend it in the “6000 years”.
Not only that, Yahoo also free some features previously available only in package “Mail Plus”, such as for creating a disposable mail accounts , mail forwarding, mail offline access with traffic POP. Mail Plus users can now maintain their package for $ 19.99/year with all the accompanying benefits such as no ads work. Free users if they want to get rid of ad spending to $49.95/year.
Yahoo! Mail launched the new Flickr style
Yahoo disclosed that in addition to the changes in appearance, it also Yahoo Mail upgrade with few new features. For example, the side bar at the left edge of the screen bar can now be hidden in order to provide additional space for mail program.

Users can also starred on the important messages, search email from the same sender or delete the message without having to open the message. Yahoo says it helps increase the speed and performance of our email.
Besides, in the email editor, the toolbar to format the text to be moved to the bottom edge, away from the filling area sender name and message headers. Both CC and BCC fields, you can hide an interface to the “cleaner”. The subject line with bold font a bit more than the previous version.

There are 281 million Yahoo Mail users. Recently the company has made ​​many changes to the products of its e-mail, such as the reconstruction of the required account names, launched applications for tablets and smartphones with nice interface, speed download email, spam reduction, Flickr and Dropbox integration.



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