Z Launcher ; A New Interface For Nokia Android Smartphone

Change Your Nokia Android Smartphones Interface With New Z Launcher: Z Launcher is a completely new interface for all Android phones of Nokia.
Z Launcher For Nokia Android SmartphoneZ Launcher is a completely new interface for all Android phones of Nokia. Currently it is the first beta (pre-beta) to limit the number of downloads, so you should hurry before Nokia shut down their servers again. Z Launcher interface is extremely easy to use with quick search feature that I wish very much on Android devices.

Only by a movement of the finger, I was able to call up programs or unwanted content without interest lies in anywhere, which almost no one Android device to meet in present time. If you are taking any iOS would understand this, we spotlight the facilities do not spend much time on drag and drop the programs icon as you like but only one to do all the slide.

On average, nearly 60 per machine Android app and the addition of fast search feature is truly a breakthrough of Nokia.

Like iOS, Z Launcher not cost area for a search button that you just draw letters N to the screen it will show the letters N applications that it thinks you need it most and contacts, then the other content.

Draw more O, Z Launcher will make the word NO content, so just turn up to the 5th character is Z Launcher will continue to search the internet for you. Currently in pre beta version only supports English, no other languages.

Interface, Z Launcher extremely simple, you only have 2 widget contains information and appointments on time and, in the middle of the computer applications you will need to use the time to think during that time.
Z Launcher Nokia Android New InterfaceThe list of applications that will change over time and your usage habits in the first it should display the directory, use the latest apps but after a few days, things will become more intelligent.

At the bottom of Z Launcher, we have 4 application or use of the original Launcher. In the pre-beta version, you can not replace or customize anything official but probably will add that feature.

Button center of the bottom area is called the button all Android apps (appdrawer). Here you have a list of all the applications inside the machine. In fact, we would not care to spend appdrawer if Nokia ZLauncher.

ZLauncher not currently supported machines have root, best optimized for Nexus 5, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Moto X, HTC and Sony Xperia One Z1 but you can still set up the other computers easily.



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